RUN OF LIFE is a collectively curated experimental documentary and expanded media series held at the Nightingale Cinema and/or other venuesroughly once a month. The series pairs a recent feature experimental documentary with a short nonfiction work in any number of mediums – performance, video short, interactive presentation, audio doc, etc. At each event, a post screening Q&A will be moderated by either a local expert engaged in the movie’s subject matter or an artist involved in the making of the work.

RUN OF LIFE seeks to join experimental and documentary media audiences while exploring emerging tactics within representations of reality; the empathetic connection that is built through sensory experience rather than factual arguments; and aesthetic shifts in documentary that come with the breakdown of the fourth wall.  

RUN OF LIFE is programmed by Christy LeMaster and presented by the Nightingale Cinema. Past programmers include Robin Amer, Jillian Hansen-Lewis, Sally Lawton, Jenny Miller, and Beckie Stocchetti.  Past venues include Constellation Chicago, and Gallery 400.